My Right Foot: A Quick Update

Yesterday was quite a day! My guest blog for LUS Brands went live, and the response was overwhelming and wonderful. It also had the added benefit of distracting me and calming my nerves before my afternoon surgical consult.
I’ve needed surgery to correct my right foot for years now, and as part of my personal healthcare revolution, I am actively moving forward in that process. (I tried a few years ago, but had a horrible doctor. More on that in an upcoming post.)
When I was 8, I had a tendon transfer surgery and two screws inserted into the bones of my foot to straighten it. Until that point, I had been walking on the side of my foot–not the most comfortable experience! The pediatric surgeon made sure we knew that because I wasn’t done growing (not that I ever got much taller), I would likely need another corrective surgery by the time I was 18. Now, at 28, I am way past due.

I can’t walk at all anymore, but not being able to keep my foot flat while I’m sitting is super uncomfortable. Even with shoes on, my right foot wants to roll, and my ankle suffers the consequential pain.

The good news is, the surgeon I met with yesterday thinks he can fix it! I have a tendon on the inner side of my foot that still has some tension left. He thinks he can pull that tendon over and attach to the outer side of my foot, effectively pulling my foot straight. He’ll also need to lengthen my Achilles tendon, and possibly fuse a few bones on the outer side of my ankle. He’s going to review my case a little more, and I’ll meet with him again in early October. We’re hoping to schedule a surgery for January or February of 2019.
I know I’ll have plenty of scars to show for that surgery, in addition to the three I’m already sporting on that foot. So, there goes my foot modeling career, I guess. But I’m sure I’ll get over it.
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